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Kongalend power loans

Need to energise? Kongalend power loans provide the financing to purchase a range of renewable energy technologies, including solar home systems, water heaters and pumps. We work with suppliers and agents of choice, who are responsible for the installation, warranty and maintenance of the systems they sell.

Kongalend also provides bridging and capital equipment finance to small and medium enterprises engaged in productive and value-added activities.

Why power loans? We call them power loans because we are contributing to bridging the energy and financial divides

Power loans make it possible for people without access to energy to power their daily lives so they can light their homes, cook, keep food fresh in a solar-powered fridge, charge their cellphones, listen to the radio, watch television, explore the internet – and enjoy the difference this brings.

We are bringing power to the people!

Power loans provide access to credit to enable people to improve their lives and livelihoods: pumping water for their livestock and crops, saving money by installing a solar water heater – and making it possible for small business owners in the rural areas to communicate with customers.

We are bringing financial power to the people!

Kongalend works with a network of RET suppliers of choice based, at present, in the north, south and centre of the country. We have also appointed experienced photovoltaic installers as agents of choice to serve as our front-line troops in delivering solutions to our fellow Namibians.

NamPost have also joined forces with Kongalend and distribute our application forms through nearly 70 major post offices in all 13 regions, ensuring that we reach the widest spectrum of the Namibian population.

Kongalend also works with development agencies and regulatory bodies who advise us on national priorities.

We call this the power of partnership.



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